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Here are some of the many Subaru cars we have in our Auckland yard for parts, as you can see most cars we get are accident damaged or they may have been stolen and released to us by the owner or the insurance company.. have a look and if you are interested in any parts off any of these Subaru vehicles or a similar Subaru then contact us by email, phone, or use the live chat at the bottom right of any web page on our site, we’re happy to help anyway we can!

Also, don’t forget that not all of our Subaru parts come off damaged cars, we also import high quality used Subaru parts directly from Japan and we stock some new Subaru parts as well!

If you see a Subaru car below that you want more details about just click on the photo and it’ll enlarge, you can then scroll forwards and backwards through the photos.. We’re only showing you our latest 40 Subaru arrivals because we have just too many cars in our yard to show them all!