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September 17

Why you should buy recycled Subaru Panels

New genuine Subaru panels are great, they are genuine so they fit correctly and have been made to the highest standards, but they can be expensive and a lot of the time it makes no sense to fit a new panel part to a used Subaru.. what I mean is, unless you own a brand new Subaru then a recycled panel part is usually a much better option, after all your car is not new so why pay much more for a new part when a used part will more than do?

Recycled (used) panel parts should only be purchased from a reputable Subaru recycling specialist company, this will guarantee you the best quality parts that are 100% suited to your Subaru and it should always save you money compared to new genuine replacement Subaru parts. For instance, when we dismantle parts off any Subaru we check for quality and we make sure that the Subaru parts we remove are 100% genuine, this means that 99% of the time our recycled Subaru panels are fit for purpose and are of the highest quality possible, the other advantage of recycled panel parts is that sometimes we may even have a part in stock that matches your vehicles colour, maybe you need a blue door for your Subaru Forester, we may have one in stock with the correct matching paint code and that would save you hundreds of dollars in paint!

So next time you need to replace a headlight, tail light, door or bumper for your Subaru take a few minutes to think about what you really want, will you happily spend too much? or should you consider the smarter option of a 100% genuine, checked and tested recycled Subaru part…. we know what our customers choose.

Our Subaru Legacy recycled parts about to be delivered to a Panel repair shop