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Subaru Forester parts

Subaru Forester parts

Looking for Subaru Forester parts? We can help you, as we’re always buying damaged Subaru Forester cars for dismantling. We have a huge range of Subaru Foresters in our yard waiting to be processed, plus we also import a lot of Subaru Forester parts directly from our Subaru parts contacts in Japan to help supplement our locally sourced Subaru Forester parts.

New and used Subaru Forester parts available.

Most of our parts are used parts that have been tested (where possible) and covered by a warranty. We do stock a range of new Subaru Forester parts. So whether you’re after new or recycled Subaru Forester parts, we can help you!

Used Subaru Forester parts are tested and guaranteed.

Subaru Forester parts supplied by Strong for Subaru are tested wherever possible to make sure you get parts that work!

We use a scan tool and TK test systems to make sure you are getting the best possible used Subaru Forester Parts

All of our used Forester parts are sold with a warranty to suit your requirements.

All radiators are tested and guranteed

All of our Subaru Forester parts are guranteed

Huge range of Subaru Forester parts!

Here’s just a small sample of the kinds of Subaru Forester parts you can purchase from us:

  • Panels for Subaru Forester: bonnets, doors, guards, lamps, bumpers, glass, grilles, aerials, radiators, spoilers, flares, and so on.
  • Subaru Forester gearboxes: manual and automatic gearboxes, clutch plates, pressure plates, gear sticks and linkages.
  • Interior Subaru Forester items: dashboard, seats, trim, instruments, carpets, stereos, heaters, seat belts, ignition switches, consoles, cup holders, engine computers, sun visors, etc.
  • Mechanical Subaru Forester parts: engines, gearboxes, starter motors, alternators, turbo chargers, pulleys, belts, air conditioning pumps, sensors, air flow meters, water pumps, fuel pumps, and so on.
  • Suspension for Subaru Forester: joints, bushes, struts, hubs, brake calipers, disc pads, differentials, axles, arms, prop shafts, abs sensors, suspension beams, and steering racks.

So if you need anything for your Subaru Forester then please contact Strong for Subaru. We stock a lot more than the items described above, so it’s worth giving us a call whenever you need Subaru Forester parts. We’ll do our best to supply you with a quality used or new Forester part at a great price.

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Here are some of the most popular Subaru Forester parts and cars:

We’re always buying this model Forester for parts, it’s a very popular Subaru car and we get a lot of demand for just about anything and everything that you can break on Forester!

We make sure that we always have plenty of parts for Foresters in stock including boxer engines and all mechanical items as well as a good supply of panels, wheels exhausts, and so on.

We dismantle over 50 Subaru Foresters every year as well as importing Subaru Forester parts from Japan.

We don’t dismantle every Forester when we get them in to our yard, with the huge and varied range of parts that we get asked for we like to keep at least 10 Subaru Foresters in our yard in case we need to remove a parts that is not commonly sold.

We get inquries and orders for all sorts of Forester parts, even down to carpet mats, bumper clips and parts such as interior door mechanisms and Subaru engine looms. Because of this, it’s better for us to keep some cars in stock to help us cater for these orders.

At Strong for Subaru we don’t just keep parts for early, easy to find Subaru Foresters, we also make sure we have parts for the later and harder to find models as well. We stock parts for both turbo charged and non turbo charged Subaru Foresters beginning in 1997 and right through to the newest models available.

We stock parts for the SF, SG, SH, SJ and SK model Subaru Forester range of vehicles and have parts for both the New Zealand new cars, and the Japanese domestic models that are being imported to New Zealand.

2010 SH5 Subaru Forester Turbo