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Subaru Engines.

Looking for a replacement Subaru engine? We can supply you with recycled Subaru engines, for just about any Subaru model. As well as supplying Subaru owners directly, we sell a lot of Subaru engines every year to mechanical workshops and insurance companies.

Many Subaru Car Club members, work shops, insurance companies and Subaru fans all over New Zealand buy their Subaru engines from us. You’re bound to find the Subaru motor to suit your needs at Strong for Subaru!

Used Subaru engines are tested and guaranteed.

All of our Subaru engines are run-tested in the vehicle when ever possible and during this testing process we evaluate each engine to make sure every thing is OK.
In 2014 we introduced another test that we perform before we sell any engine, we connect our parts vehicle to a full computerised scanner to detect any sensor faults!

We also use a chemical “TK” test system to make sure that none of the Subaru engines we sell have blown head gaskets or cooling system issues.

Engines that fail the test are either scrapped for recycling or are stripped for their good mechanical parts which we sell a lot of!

Our Subaru engines do have a warranty depending on fitment and use.
Please note that Subaru engines that are modified by you; or are to fitted into race applications; or fitted into modified vehicles may have a limited warranty so please make sure you always check with the sales person before you purchase your Subaru engine from us.
You can see a copy of our standard Engine Warranty Form here (in PDF format.)
Click the Logo to view our warranty terms!

Click the Logo to view our warranty terms!

Hints and tips on installing a Subaru engine.

When you’re replacing a Subaru engine, it needs to be done properly, One of the most difficult parts will be to make sure that there’s no air trapped in the cooling system. Here are the hints and tips from our experts on how to bleed the air from your system, step by step.

Do you need a gearbox or automatic transmission for your Subaru?

We stock test driven Subaru auto and manual transmissions including 6-speed manual Subaru gearboxes. Contact us for gearbox pricing and availability; again, Subaru gearboxes are sold with a warranty depending on the application.