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August 17

Subaru Levorg Parts

We have Subaru Levorg parts, at Strong for Subaru we are well known for supplying high quality recycled spare parts for the more common range of Subaru cars such as the Legacy, Impreza and Forester range. However, we also carry parts for other model Subaru cars that may not be that common, one of those is the Subaru Levorg.

The Subaru Levorg was first introduced to the Japanese domestic car market as a 1.6 litre turbo charged version that had the FB16E Subaru turbo boxer petrol engine fitted, many of these cars have found their way into the New Zealand market. The New Zealand version currently has a 2.0L FB20 turbo charged boxer engine along with the famous Subaru all wheel drive CVT linear automatic transmission, its a great driving car well suited to NZ’s many different kinds of road surfaces.

At Strong for Subaru we are always importing genuine recycled Subaru Levorg parts directly from Japan, we also buy accident damaged Subaru Levorg cars from insurance companies and sometimes private individuals for parts. All of the Subaru Levorg parts we stock and sell are tested and checked when required and are sold with our great warranty, in fact most recycled Subaru Levorg car parts we sell come with a 12-month replacement warranty (yes, conditions do apply).

Remember, every time you purchase a recycled Subaru Levorg car part from us you are helping to reduce New Zealand’s carbon foot print, all parts we recycle and sell mean that a new part does not need to be manufactured and imported into NZ, just imagine how many resources and how much energy that saves!

So, next time you need to buy a part for your Subaru Levorg why not phone us? after all you will save money while helping to save energy and manufacturing costs.. phone us today 08006340065

2016 Subaru Levorg 16 Turbo parts car at Strong for Subaru, Onehunga Auckland NZ