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May 11

Subaru JDM Parts in Stock

As the vast majority of used Subaru cars in the New Zealand market come from Japan we stock a huge range of Subaru JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) parts.

Every month we receive containers from Japan full of hand picked Subaru JDM engines, panels, lights Subaru suspension as well as all sorts of Subaru electrical and mechanical parts.

The other source of our Subaru JDM parts comes from damaged cars we buy in the local Auckland and New Zealand wide market, this increases our stock of fully tested Subaru engines and transmissions, we don’t usually import Subaru engines from as we can not be 100% sure that they have been tested and are up to our standard.

This photo is of just some of the Subaru JDM panel that came out of one of our containers.

Subaru JDM parts at Strong for Subaru Auckland NZ