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May 5

Subaru Forester Parts

Looking for Subaru Forester parts?

At Strong for Subaru in Auckland we always have lots of Subaru Forester parts vehicles in our yard, we stock spare parts for all model Forester’s from 1997 right through to the latest models and we also have some new genuine Subaru Forester parts in store.

We have parts for SF5, SG5 and SG9 as wells as SH5, SH9 and SJ Forester both turbo and non turbo models. We always keep a good supply of Subaru Forester engines, doors, lights, bumpers, Forester interior parts, Subaru suspension bits and pieces plus door glass and electrical items such as body control modules, stereo’s etc.

You also save money when you buy our recycled (used) Subaru Forester parts as they are always cheaper than a new part..

Phone us today on 08006340065