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Subaru Power Steering Pumps

We sell a lot of power steering pumps for all sorts of Subaru models and we sometimes get calls from people that have found that fitting a replacement power steering pump in a Subaru can be a little tricky.

It’s not the fitting of the pump that is an issue, in fact most bolt onto the engine with very little effort at all… what seems to be the issue is getting all the air out of the system so the pump works properly and silently. Even experienced auto repair shops seem to have difficulty with this issue and the main reason seems to be that the job is being rushed out so the customer can pick their car up the same day and this invariably means that the vehicle has not been properly bled of air and of course the pump is then noisy, do NOT RUSH the bleeding system.

The Subaru power steering system is a hydraulic system and as such if there is any air trapped in the pump or lines then the pump will not work properly, be noisy, and in fact can result in the pump or steering rack failing!

The trick is how to get that trapped air out of the power steering system?

We have come up with a simple step by step guide for you to download that helps you correctly install and get all the air out of your Subaru power steering pump and system.

Please make sure you use proper tools and be safe doing so. Click here or click the photo to download a copy.

Just a note, we sell both used and new pumps, all of our used pumps are carefully tested before we remove them from the vehicle for sale so we know the pump we sell you is not noisy!

This advise is given free of charge, we accept no liability for errors or damaged caused by following this advise and it is up to you to make sure that you are confident that the advise is correct for your application.

Subaru Legacy Steering Pump

A typical Subaru Legacy Steering Pump