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September 1

Covid-19 Alert level-4

As at 1st September 2021 Auckland is under Covid-19 Alert level-4, what does this mean for you our customer?

Strong for Subaru is a supplier of essential services, this means that under level-4 we can sell our car parts to you, however there are some rules that we must follow.

You can phone in and order parts from us on 0800 6340065, once we confirm payment has been received we will be able to send out your parts via courier, parts you order can NOT be collected from our premises as that is not permitted under level-4 guidelines.

The only form of payment you can use at the moment to purchase parts is direct bank transfer, we are not accepting credit cards.

Due to the demand courier delivery times are very inconsistent and delays will have to be expected, as we have no control over the delivery times we can only do our best, we simply can not guarantee a delivery time.

So please phone us on 0800 6340065 for you Subaru parts needs!