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September 18

Subaru EJ257 Sti Engine

Just received is this EJ257 Sti turbo engine, its a Japanese domestic (JDM) version that is in a 2008 Impreza Sti. This version was attached to an automatic transmission and has done really low KM’s… We have run tested as well as driven this car so we know that the engine is in great condition, […]


April 23

Coil Overs and Lowering Springs

Ok, you know we stock and sell a vast range of high quality Subaru parts for Subaru Forester, Legacy, WRX, Exiga and Outback models but did you know that we also have a real good range of quality used performance parts for Subaru’s? When we wreck as many Subaru models as we do we tend […]


October 4

Recent Parts Subaru’s in the Yard (04/10/18)

Here’s a few of the many Subaru cars and wagons that we have in our yard, these are cars that arrived this week from all over New Zealand. We will be testing and checking these cars as soon as possible, then they will be carefully drained of all fluids, listed for parts and dismantled… There […]


August 9

Subaru Door and front Screen Glass

Lots of Subaru owners have insurance, some have insurance that gives them free glass cover but lately at least one local insurance company has said that they will drop the free glass cover option, this means that you will end up paying an excess if you go through the insurance company to have any glass […]


July 17

Subaru WRX Sti Engine in stock 17/07/18

We don’t get as many of these engines as we would like but we have just received a 2011 Subaru Impreza Sti in for parts.. this one has low mileage and has had a all round accident, the EJ257 Sti engine is in good running order, this vehicle has a JDM import and is an […]


May 28

Subaru EE20 Diesel Engines

With our commitment to supplying the widest range of recycled Subaru spares we don’t just concentrate on the common or main stream parts, we make sure we cover as many model and Subaru parts options as we can.. One example of this is that we stock the Subaru EE20 common rail diesel turbo engine, these […]


March 29

Subaru Legacy Turbo..we have more than anyone!

Did you know that Strong for Subaru have more Subaru Legacy turbo cars for parts in stock than any other used parts supplier in New Zealand… it’s true! We buy more and stock more Turbo Subaru Legacy cars than anyone else, plus we import direct from Japan a lot of pre-tested Subaru turbo boxer engines […]


May 4

2017 CRC Speed Show

We’ll be at this years CRC Speed Show which will be held in Auckland from 21st to the 23rd July at the Auckland show grounds We’re sponsoring the New Zealand indoor off road Championships, the show will be full of action so grab a ticket and we will see you there! Click on the pic […]


November 11

The Truth about recycled tyres

Tyres are important, in fact tyres are the only items on your car that are always being used. When you car is turned off it’s sitting on its tyres and every time you drive your tyres are in constant use on the road. Tyres are one of the most important safety items on your car, […]


September 16

Get the APP!

Introducing your one stop APP, the Parts Connection have an APP available from the Apple app store and also the Google play store. Just search for “Parts Connection NZ” and you’ll find our app. The app has instant free phone contact to every Parts Connection member as well as maps with driving instructions, it also […]